What is Cost Inflation Index (CII)

What is the cost inflation index? The Cost Inflation Index (CII) is a technique used to determine the annual rise in the price of an asset due to inflation. For the fiscal year 2023-24, the Cost Inflation Index (CII) is 348. This index is determined by the Central Government and published in the official gazette … Read more

Understanding Inflation: Causes, Effects, and Solutions

InflationĀ  cause and effects Outline: Introduction to Inflation What is Inflation? Types of Inflation Demand-Pull Inflation Cost-Push Inflation Built-in Inflation Hyperinflation Causes of Inflation Increase in Money Supply Demand-Side Factors Supply-Side Factors Effects of Inflation Reduced Purchasing Power Impact on Savings and Investments Redistribution of Wealth Measuring Inflation Consumer Price Index (CPI) Producer Price Index … Read more