Maintaining a Harmonious Relationship Between the Legislature and the Judiciary

 Relationship Between the Legislature and the Judiciary Introduction The relationship between the Legislature and the Judiciary plays a vital role in upholding the principles of democracy and ensuring the smooth functioning of a country. In India, the Constitution establishes a federal parliamentary form of government, where the roles and responsibilities of the executive, legislature, and … Read more

Citizenship in India: An In-Depth Guide with Outline and New Amendment

Citizenship in India Introduction Citizenship is a crucial aspect of a person’s identity, providing them with rights, privileges, and responsibilities within a country. In India, citizenship holds immense significance, as it determines an individual’s legal status and entitlements. This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of citizenship in India, including its definition, types, acquisition, … Read more

Uniform Civil Code: Assessing the Path Ahead

Recent update on UCC: Centre told the Supreme Court that the Constitution obligated the State to have a Uniform Civil Code for its citizens, and said that people of different religions and denominations following different personal laws was an “affront to the nation’s unity”,  Recently 22nd Law Commission of India Wednesday sought the views of … Read more